Welcome to my Mad Libs!

Why is it called "Mad Libs"?

According to its Wikipedia page, Mad Libs was invented in 1953 by Leonard Stern and
Roger Price. Stern and Price co-created the game, but couldn't agree on a name for
their invention. No name was chosen until five years later, when Stern and Price
were eating eggs Benedict at a restaurant in New York City. While eating, the two
overheard an argument at a neighboring table between a talent agent and an actor.
According to Price and Stern, during the overheard argument, the actor said that
he wanted to "ad-lib" an upcoming interview. The agent, who clearly disagreed with
the actor's suggestion, retorted that ad-libbing an interview would be "mad." Stern
and Price used that eavesdropped conversation to finally create the name "Mad Libs."

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